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Boneyard 1 ? The Escape from Stuttgart

199,00 SEK

The Time point for this story, it?s the darkest ages of 20th century, the golden age of the Absolute Dictators. Our story start in Stuttgart, Friday 3rd of March 1933, everything has to start somewhere. National socialists under the leadership of their fuehrer Adolph Hitler (or nazis if that expression is preferred, but it was more common after 1942) ranting at the streets and singing ?Jew blood will bleed? and other Anti Semitic satirical ballads. The repression is harsh against Jews and dissidents, and a human life is very cheap. The Gorenwitz family is forced to flee head over heels out of Germany. With a goal to make themselves a new future in Sweden, far away from national socialists, far from trouble free. A time lap from the darkest ages during 20th century, told from the average citizen?s view, those shortcomings and other included in NSDAP?s political agenda and repression caused for the average citizen. This is their story during these dark years. Years of great suffering, sacrifice and the strong will to survive, to every possible price. Times testing people?s strong will to survive. This is the bitter battle against these anti-democratic powers in Europe. Partial an alternative Jewish story, rarely told, all Jews wasn?t ?sacrifice lambs?, they did resistance. This is also their often untold and dangerous story. An honest and straightforward story of Anti-Semitism, straightforward Xenophobia when it was as the worst, oppression of opinion, when it was as most ?political correct? and how it affected the society. Completely unmasked, without additions or withdrawals. Not the safest times in the history. It wasn?t especially hard to be declared as ?the enemy against the State?. At a completely another place, same time in Sweden, in Vaermland, lives Evald, with wife and kids, with a bunch of Nazis in the neighborhood. Maybe not the most law abiding human married with a half-Jewess, in short, some difficult situation. It should be a grouse exaggeration to say Evald or any in the family apprenticed the local Nazis. And those shortcomings WW2 caused for the general people, thru rationing and so on, on essentials all need. The text is based on historical correct facts in a timeline, the actual historical contact surfaces, the political decisions, some key individuals, has happened, has lived, and left a historical imprint. A fully plausible; but fictive story when all this was a reality. Characters may be fictive, but not the historical basic development. The story is carefully weaved into the very bloody history within 30:s until 50:s, welcome into the story. A warning for very graphic violent containing of the story may be at its place.

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