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Boneyard 2 - from Sweden to Hell on Earth

199,00 SEK

The year is 1967, location: Da Nang Vietnam, and Lucas starts to really tired on Phillips, and it start to weary. The Vietnam war is raging all around Camp Galveston, where a totally another was waged, far more dirty and uglier, and far more illegal, as Frank R Phillips try to hide for the world. A war with completely other signalments than the world opinions apprenticed. Lucas thought openly of desertion, from this dirty, half illegal or all illegal, depending who was asked, so-called ?war? with Chemical interrogations, Waterboarding and much else which was classified as torture which Colonel Frank R Phillips tried to hide for the world. Camp Galveston was coming to cost Lucas his life if he stayed on the Camp. If it depended on Lucas, he was coming break up Phillips plans all the way into the brig. To execute that man was far too merciful, that he was doing could lead to multiple life sentences at the brig, and fit Mr. Wollberger far better. They was coming to fear for reprisals for rest of his life and never go safe in the brig. This is Lucas way out of that Living Hell, far away from it. To an honest and honorable life and shaping up his own family. A direct continuity from?The Escape from Stuttgart?. This is the Lucas Wollberger and Craig Benson story?. 703 pages US English

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