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About Me

Maybe not the prettiest

but damned stubborn

After years of fighting with traditional publishing companies....

Well, a military interested midaged woman, written 10 books. Rough, no bull, tough action, blended with sometimes dark social realism, and social aspect. Strictly anti-racist and pro-democratic wiev of life/writing.

Semi-fictious some actions has just changed locations and names. some action of course added to "speed up the action", a strong reminder from the history what may happen if we don´t take attention to those racial, or communistic, or other anti democratic movements around us.

     Be careful, New Hitler's and Stalins's are still roaming around us. The focus may change in the the following books as it follow the characters life.

     If we take in other author's maqnuscrpipts, we do.

Bbut if we recognize any racist,xenophic or exteremist content, or if we regard it as pornographic, we will not come to publish it. As well if we see any such content at Social media by the author, which may come to stop any publications.In the last end it can lead to be kicked out from the publishing company.

     Started writing more seriously autumn 2009, after that made the story more genuine (and better) by numerous editing rounds. Do all translations Swedish- US English myself personally. multitalented and do all artwork myself to the books. Seek of course a proper publisher though Warrior Publishing are my own registrered publishing company here in Sweden.

     I hope you will enjoy my books, and will follow my series Boneyard the series, some very rough action are promised in the following books, In both Sweden, USA and in the Middle East.

     Paperbacks may include materials exclusive for these.

Full US Translations will follow as soon I'll get time for it, Full time job to release the whole series in Swedish first.

     Not especially friendly minded towards the former eastern Europe or still or former Communist countries and will not enter some certain territories, either as professional author or off the work.

     You will certainly find out which they are. And: I don't take threats without counteractions, and you will face legal actions for it.